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an interview recording session by a videographer from Sparks Production, Dato Darren Yaw

Secrets About Videography Dato Darren Yaw Does Not Want You to Know

Videography, the art, or technique of creating video films, is essential if you want to provide engaging content. It’s a skill that, if you want to pursue it professionally, demands dedication and practice, as stated by Dato Darren Yaw. When it comes to today’s corporate market, videography has become a strong relationship to video work that isn’t related to cinema or television. To put it simply, a videographer is someone who can shoot and edit raw footage to tell a tale, and they’re known as “one-man shows.”


Creating a polished, professional-looking video doesn’t need pricey videography equipment or filmmaking training. Pay attention to a few elements that may not be visible at first, then practice your trade, and you’ll be on your way to being an excellent videographer like Dato Darren Yaw from Sparks Production. Whether you’re filming a high-end production or just making a vlog that your audience will like viewing, these videography ideas will come in handy.


In this article, we will dive into secrets for dope videography skills Dato Darren Yaw does not want you to know. 


Quite a few of these videography secrets and strategies might be used in any situation. So, whether you want to work as a videographer, cinematographer, or filmmaker, you may still use this article as a resource. Try them out and master them before moving on to the next one. Additionally, these videography techniques by Dato Darren Yaw will aid in the development of your own unique filmmaking style and allow you to generate more professional-looking movies.


  • Keep your balance

An unsteady camera is a dead giveaway that the job has been done by an amateur. A shaky feeling should be kept to an absolute minimum unless the notion explicitly demands otherwise. If you’re photographing a sporting event, you should anticipate some erratic movement, as suggested by Dato Darren Yaw. When it comes to your video, excessive shaking will drive people away from it. Using a tripod or other types of camera harness to reduce camera shaking is the best technique to prevent a shaky recording. While a tripod is a simple way to prevent shaky recordings, you should be careful not to become too reliant on it.


 Dato Darren Yaw and his crew shooting by the roadside.

Dato Darren Yaw Commercial Shoot.


Dato Darren Yaw said that with practice, you may learn how to capture stable film without the use of a tripod or a safety harness. Make sure your breathing doesn’t cause any undesired camera movement while you’re shooting. Brace your camera against a wall, the ground, or any solid object to capture images from various angles. When you don’t use a tripod, you have more freedom to move about a scene.


  • Plan everything in pre-production

The flexibility to organize your whole video production from start to end is significantly greater whether you’re shooting a music video, commercial, or short film. To really do it like Dato Darren Yaw, you have to create your own storyboard with illustrations of your scenes in sequence. This will help you picture your finished film and define the images you want to capture. In addition to providing you with a roadmap for filming and postproduction, it may assist you to choose the best times of day to shoot, locations you want to utilize, and the cameras to employ (should you have a choice).


Those covering an event, on the other hand, will want to be prepared to the fullest extent possible. All the most significant events should be documented by a wedding videographer, who should be able to produce awe-inspiring wedding movies, as Dato Darren Yaw mentioned.


  • Choose a simpler background

Don’t simply take a camera and shoot wherever you want. Remove as much unnecessary clutter as possible from your backdrop. In order to avoid casting a shadow, Dato Darren Yaw chooses solid-colored backdrops, such as a wall, a bedsheet, or backdrop paper. Dato Darren Yaw’s aim is to keep the setting uncluttered so that the focus may remain on the main issue. As a general rule, you may want to concentrate on developing your videography with the fundamentals first, and then explore and level up from there.


Dato Darren Yaw shooting a woman playing violin

Dato Darren Yaw Music Video Shooting.


  • Avoid unnecessary zooms

New photographers often make the mistake of zooming in on every image or panning over the horizon as they learn the ropes. Viewers may feel dizzy as a consequence of either activity. If you’re to record an action scene, let it naturally unfold and dominate your video. Zooms and pans that aren’t essential will take the viewer’s focus away from the action, as Dato Darren Yaw said. Zooming in makes the picture unsteady, especially if you’re using a handheld camera. Get as close as possible to the action to get good close-ups. In that manner, the photographs will seem cleaner and more polished.


The zoom and pan functions are there for a reason, so don’t be afraid to utilize them. Using them should only be done when necessary. For instance, in tennis, professional videographers like Dato Darren Yaw follow the ball to capture the action. When a player strikes the ball, the camera is tilted up, and panning is used during a double play.


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